Cookie A is coming!

Good news, sock fans! Infamous, fabulous sock designer Cookie A of Knitters Anonymous and author of amazing, amazing, amazing new book Sock Innovation, is coming to Stitch Cleveland and River Colors Studio in June to teach three classes:

Wednesday 10 June 2009      

  • 12:00-3pm   Traveling Stitches: Learn how to add curves and angles to your knitting by using traveling stitches. Cookie will go over the different methods for making stitches travel, effects on the fabric, and how to incorporate traveling stitches into a basic knitting pattern. (3 hrs, $55)
  • 4-7pm  Intuitive Chart Reading: Learn how to read charts intuitively. Students will spend an hour focusing on lace charts, an hour on cable charts, and then students will practice working from sample charts or create their own charts to work from. Students will see the connection between charts and the resulting knitting, how to read their knitting to determine where they are within a chart, various types of chart symbols (including Japanese and German), and how to read cable charts without a key. (3 hrs, $55)

Thursday 11 June 2009    

  • 12:00-7pm  Sock Innovation: Top Down Sock Design. This workshop is geared towards intermediate to advanced sock knitters who are interested in a hands-on approach to designing their own socks. Students can bring in stitch patterns or choose stitch patterns from books during class. We will go over key calculations that need to be made for a standard top down sock using the students’ chosen stitch patterns. By the end of this class, students should have a good start on their very own sock, and the necessary tools to complete the sock on their own. (6 hrs, $85)

All classes are expected to sell out quickly, so hurry! Send an email to with the classes you would like to take and we will invoice you. (This also allows us to use the timestamp on the email to determine whose request came first). Thanks, and good luck!

Amy Butler happiness

There is nothing happier than a BRIGHT ORANGE Amy Butler shower curtain when you get up first thing in the morning, and here’s proof:

Karen hemmed it up for me while I was busy with 2 classes (thanks, Karen!) It’s 2 widths of fabric, sewn side by side. I wanted it deliberately long, but this has made it the cats’ new Favorite Hideout. The biggest challenge was spacing the metal eyelets at the top appropriately, since the curtain itself is wider than the liner, but once that math was out of the way, all was well!

What Shannon’s been up to…

So, as you may have heard, I’ve been editing a UK-based knitting magazine called Yarn Forward, but more importantly, I have been a pattern-writing maniac lately! If you were in recently, you may have seen Exploded View, my latest pattern, blocking on our big canvas table:

If you want to order these or other patterns, you can click here or find them in our Etsy store (it’s easier if you order them straight through the first link, though). Next up: talking Meg and Heidi into doing more patterns, too!

Thank you!

Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland was lots of fun this weekend — thanks for coming out to the show! We met a lot of fun new people who were wondering just where Stitch Cleveland is located — and now they know!

This was first thing Sunday morning! (Forgot my compact flash card Saturday). You can only see half the vendors.

Friend of Stitch Cleveland Xan is a stiltdancer. Little kids flock to her like candy when she’s up in the air. It was fun to watch — she never wears the same costume twice, she’s always made something different.

Did you visit the show? What did you think?

Forget Santa! BazBiz is coming to town

Stitch Cleveland is a sponsor of fantastic indie craft show Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland, which is coordinated by our own Shannon Okey. Come out on the 13th or 14th of December and get all your holiday shopping done at once, from us and from 70+ other vendors. There’s even gift wrap on site. If you haven’t been to the show before, you don’t know what you’re missing!

There will also be a sit-and-knit charity knitting event on site, organized by the James Rhodes High School National Honor Society, so if you have excess yarn to donate or just want to help out, come by!

Need knitting lessons first? Give us a call!

Last chance to save on spinning supplies!

As you might know, Stitch Cleveland is a Louet dealer — many of you have taken lessons on Shannon’s fabulous Louet Victoria wheel over the past year! Well, if you were thinking about spinning wheels, carders or other spinny products for holiday gifts, now’s the time to order — our prices are going up soon! Here are some current listings in our Etsy shop, but if you don’t see what you want, let Shannon know.

Handy-dandy thrift store list

If you’ve come in to the shop or taken a class with me, you’ll know that I am always saying (particularly for the felters) that they should check out the local thrift shop for materials. And now the PD has posted a handy-dandy list of local ones: see here!

Speaking of felting, there’s been some interest in doing a hands-on wet felting workshop lately — anyone else on board? Let me know via email or in the comments so I can order extra supplies.

Plain Dealer article on Etsy / Cleveland craft

If you’re a longtime Stitch Cleveland fan, you no doubt know we also sell online at (here’s the link). Today, the Plain Dealer posted a story about Etsy, and mentioned there are at least 50 Clevelanders selling there. That number’s way off — there’s more than that for sure! — but it’s good to see the local media taking an interest.

To see a list of Cleveland-based Etsy shops, click the geolocator here. As of right now it’s counting 85 Clevelanders, but that doesn’t count those who don’t list their city in their profile.

Stitch Cleveland belongs to the Cleveland Handmade Etsy “street team” (an association of stores based on location, items sold or other interests). See here.

Cleveland Handmade has a website, and the Cleveland Etsy street team has one, too. There’s lists of upcoming shows (including Bazaar Bizarre, the one we organize — see the updated vendor list here!), such as the Cleveland Handmade Market, and much more.

Ever since we opened Stitch Cleveland last year, it’s been wonderful to see the Cleveland craft scene blossom and grow into a much larger, and more professional one. Etsy has played a role in that, no doubt, since its community-building functions, learning opportunities and more help even part-time pro crafters build their businesses. We are so proud to be part of the team!

Midwest Plushform Show + Bazaar Bizarre

John from our favorite comic book shop (namely Carol & John’s, in the Kamm’s Corners plaza) just stopped by with some fab plushforms for us to customize. Why, you ask? The Midwest Plushform Show, co-sponsored by Carol & John’s and Shoparooni, which is raising money for Toys for Tots! We’ve got applications here at the shop, or drop by either of the above shops — but hurry!

Also, the vendors have been picked, the tables ordered, the helpers organized — get ready, Bazaar Bizarre 2008 is coming! Stitch Cleveland and 80 other indie vendors will help you find the perfect item for that special someone on your Nice List.

Finally — in response to popular demand, Shannon is offering more design your own sweater classes! Just in time for NaKniSweMo! Scared of sweaters? Don’t be. You’ll be designing your own in no time.

Rate us on!

(FYI — is a great resource when you’re traveling and want to add to your stash out of state!)

Here’s the listing. Would you rate us?

Shannon’s teaching at Felt School next week but get ready for more felty goodness this fall in the shop, too. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see first? Wet felting? Needlefelting? You name it, we can do it! Shannon’s new felted hat pattern Reboux is getting great reviews on Ravelry and has already been featured on CRAFT mag’s blog (here). What do you say? Shall we do a Reboux class? Before you know it the snow will be here! (boo!)

Today is a good day to dye

(As for the post title, I guess referencing Klingon proverbs really means you’re a geek, eh? Guilty as charged).

Last Saturday’s dye class was brilliant — pun intended — as you can see from student Darcy‘s end products above. (For more, check out her yarn photos on Flickr). The sun didn’t come out and scorch us until after we were done applying the dye, the air was cool, it was just lovely.

There are still some spaces left in the Annie Modesitt and upcoming surface design classes, so register soon. Also, in response to the number of online wheel sales we’ve been doing, we’ve posted some of the available ones on our Etsy shop. If you’re in the market for a wheel, let Shannon know (she’s currently selling her Ashford Elizabeth 2, as well as new Louets) and she can help you find the wheel of your dreams! They aren’t all posted online. Ditto with spinning supplies and fiber.

Just announced! Three classes with Annie Modesitt

Great news, knitters! Stitch Cleveland and River Colors Studio are happy to announce that we’ll be hosting three classes with nationally-known designer, teacher and author Annie Modesitt this month!

Combination Knitting — what Annie’s perhaps best known for (check out her book Confessions of a Knitting Heretic!) — is an amazing combination of Western (German/English/American) style knitting with Eastern knitting (practiced in Asia, Africa, South America and Islamic countries). She says:

I find that this method of knitting is easier and quicker, creates a nicer tension with less “rowing out” and is much easier on the hands (less wrist strain.) If this method is different than how you’ve been taught, give it a try and you may discover a new love of knitting blooming! If you’re a first time knitter — enjoy! This method also creates an incredibly even stitch — my knitting is frequently compared to machine knitting for its regular tension and even stitching.

In the Universal Mitered Bag class, you’ll learn the basics of Mitered — or Domino — knitting and ways to visualize mitered patterns through charts. You’ll also begin The Universal Mitered Bag, which can be completed at your own pace after the class.

On a personal note — I think Annie’s Universal Mitered Bag looks GORGEOUS in Malabrigo, and Erika just got in a huge shipment at River Colors. It would also look pretty rocking in one of my handpainted yarns…

Class times and prices
Combination knitting: Wednesday 17 September, 6-9 p.m.
Combination knitting: Thursday 18 September, noon-3:00 p.m.
Universal Mitered Bag: Thursday 18 September, 6-9 p.m.
All classes are $45. Bag class includes Universal Mitered Bag pattern.

Sign up by clicking one or more of the below buttons and reserve your place now — Annie’s classes sell out nationwide, and we’re so lucky to have her with us!

Combination Knitting Wednesday

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Combination Knitting Thursday

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Universal Mitered Bag

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Surface design class details

Tonight’s workshop has a few spots still available..

Jenny Barnett Rohrs is teaching a series of surface design classes here at Stitch Cleveland in September. Details from her recent blog post:

I’ll be offering a class on stamping on fabric, first. We’ll cover ink pads, acrylic paints, and even color lifting using stamps. (I may even through in a crash course on Angelina fibers, too, just because they are so much fun to stamp on….) The next class will be foiling and paintstiks, and we’ll cover stencilling, painting, and rubbings, and stamping with those two mediums. (Participants will get to take home a set of 3 mini paintsticks to keep on playing with. How cool is that?) The third class will feature projects using our altered fabric – coffee cuffs, magic card cases, and ATCs [ed. artist trading cards] or postcards.

Sign up ASAP, because class size is limited!

Stamping: September 10,  evening workshop 6:30-9:00 p.m. all supplies are included.
Foiling & paintsticks: September 24, morning workshop 10am- noon, or evening workshop 6:30-9:00 p.m.
$45 each 2-1/2 hour hands on workshop, includes supplies

Closed Sunday!

Stitch Cleveland will be closed Sunday 31 August for the Labor Day holiday weekend. We will be open on Saturday, though! Enjoy time with your family and friends, and we’ll see you here the week after for dye day!

Dye class Saturday 6 September / sweater workshop

Come one, come all — it’s Dye Day at Stitch Cleveland on Saturday 6 September from 10:00 – 2:00. Class fee is $50 and includes dye, gloves, use of processing equipment and cleaners, 2 skeins of yarn (you are welcome to bring more from your stash) and instruction by me, Shannon, your dyemistress.

Trust me, the $50 is worth not having to clean up your kitchen afterwards…

Get that yarn dyed and then come back to Stitch Cleveland one week later to use it — starting Saturday 13 September, I’m teaching a 4-part sweater design class. Never made a sweater in your life? Don’t worry. This class is designed to teach you the basics of making a top-down sweater knit in the round (all knit! no purl unless you want to!) and will also show you how to incorporate design elements of your own. Class will take place from noon-2:00 on the 13th and the next 3 Saturdays afterward. Come and learn from the author of 10+ knitting books! (that’d be me). This class costs $60 and includes help/consultation between Saturdays as needed.

Call the shop, stop by or email to sign up!

Workshop: Katherine Shaughnessy of Wool & Hoop

It will be sew very crewel if you miss the workshop with Katherine Shaughnessy of Wool & Hoop on August 16th from 10:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m. Cost is $85, including the (rather schmancy) kit. We’ve stocked up on crewel supplies, including amazing iron-on sets that feature all her current patterns plus a few new ones. Also in stock are skeins of crewel wool, wool sampler color packages, Katherine’s fantastic book The New Crewel and gorgeous hardwood hoops. Sign up ASAP, class space is limited!

And when you visit, you can check out the gorgeous roses out front:

Stitch Cleveland anniversary party

We are [this many]! (holds up one finger).

Come to Stitch Cleveland next Saturday the 28th to celebrate our one-year anniversary! Well, one year + a handful of days, anyway. We’ll be stitching, snacking and rejoicing together with you, our crafty pals. Remind us to tell you who’s coming to visit in August while you’re here… 😉

Fluffy things and fabric

Heidi and I just got back from TNNA, the National Needle Arts Association trade show in Columbus. I was there for four days, teaching and such, whereas Heidi and the ladies of River Colors were down for the day. Check out Shannon’s knitblog for the full TNNA roundup, but basically, what we saw were a lot of strong colors, swingy shapes (think 1960s car coat) and intermediate-level stitchwork. The fashion show was full of interesting pullovers and even one swishy dress. It was a good time.

We recently got a new shipment of Wool & Hoop crewel patterns, and we’re pleased to announce that The New Crewel author Katherine Shaughnessy will be coming back to teach another crewel workshop in August. If you missed her class last July, you’ll want to be there! Seems the first half of August is going to be quite exciting — Amy Butler is coming to sign books as well.

With the boiling summer heat, think skirts. And if you want to learn how to sew them yourself from our new Amy Butler fabric (the shipment’s finally here! yay!), you know who to call…

FABRIC! It’s here!

Sorry for the superexcitement, but as many of you know, we’ve been waiting for this shipment a while. Amy Butler fabric is popular stuff! Stop by and check out what’s new. There’s more to come, such as her new collection’s patterns, but meanwhile, we’ve got great new fabric in stock for you.