Cleveland Craft Connection at 78th St Studios


Cleveland Craft Connection, a day long crafting business extravaganza is almost here!!! October 23 – at 78th Street Studios …and the whole day, including lunch with Chic-a is only $149!!
Take a couple classes with us! We’ll be teaching super easy classes – make the popular chunky Crochet Cowl, gorgeous Belle totebag, or trendy Fabric Necklace !!
Sign up for other fun classes such as felting, cake fondant, Botanicals, Owlcraft, floral centerpieces & needlepoint!  Learn to knit & crochet & much much more.

Take a business class and get your dream job started!! Learn all about branding, how to choose a craft show, Launching your business, Creative Entrpreneur by ETSY!!  Bring your questions to the Business Panel and up your business smarts!

Shop, take classes & lunch – what could be more fun??? Bring your crafty friends and have a Girls Day Out – you know you deserve it!
Register now at   http://www.clecraftconnection.com/sample-page/

…and it’s not just for knitters, either!

Have you seen all the cool projects that you can sew using  felted sweaters??    I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been able to find any decent sweaters at Goodwill in colors that I really like, wouldn’t it be cool to find stripes in orange and pink, and turquoise ??  Or blue & green in nice shades, not kelly green, old man grey or maroon. (sorry, nothing against old men!)

OK, then, knitting machine to the rescue!  You don’t even have to know how to knit. (really!)   Stripes, solids, varigated–in just the right colors for your sewing projects.  Knit  a skein of yarn, throw into washer to felt–imagine the possibilities!!

Here are a few knit samples before felting…


Felted bags, mittens, toys, appliques, scarfs…you’ll whittle down mom’s yarn stash in nothin’ flat!

Sign up for the demo on Saturday or Sunday and try your hand at it.


OK, and who doesn’t have enough scarfs?!  I have so many, I made this pair of mittens from one I made (on the knitting machine) last year, the ribbing is knit on the machine, too!  They are lined with fabric from an old tee.  Love them!!  (And can you believe that this is the only pair of mittens I have!)  Cut and sew – awesome!

Felted Bowl

One of our customers stopped in last week and commented on how much fun our Super Bowl Felted Bowl party was last year. This year the Super Bowl came and went, so I thought I’d share the pattern with you.  I love the I-cord bind off, it makes such a nice firm edge.  After knitting, I just put them in the washer to felt.  This I-cord bind off is also a great technique to add to baby sweaters, like one of our other customers did just recently.

We have several of these bowls in the store holding all kinds of small items. It’s a quick and easy project with very impressive results!  I like to stripe them,  and then needle felt them with dots.  See what you come up with!!


2-size 10 circular needles, or set of dpns
Cascade 220

Cast on 12 st.
Knit 48 rows in garter stitch (this will be the bottom of the bowl)
Pick up and knit 12 sts along side edge, 12 sts along other side and 12 more stitches along last edge( 48 st.)
if using circular needles, divide sts over 2 needles.
purl the first row
knit 12 rounds
purl next round
knit for 4 rounds
purl last round
using i-cord bind off:  cast on 2 st, knit 2 st, knit next 2 st tog BL,
transfer all 3 st to LEFT needle, repeat to bind all st off, slip stitch tog at end.


This project could very easily be crocheted as well, I’ll work on a pattern for all you hookers next!

BTW…if you need help with the pattern, stop in and we’ll help you out!



Handy-dandy thrift store list

If you’ve come in to the shop or taken a class with me, you’ll know that I am always saying (particularly for the felters) that they should check out the local thrift shop for materials. And now the PD has posted a handy-dandy list of local ones: see here!

Speaking of felting, there’s been some interest in doing a hands-on wet felting workshop lately — anyone else on board? Let me know via email or in the comments so I can order extra supplies.

Rate us on Knitmap.com!

(FYI — knitmap.com is a great resource when you’re traveling and want to add to your stash out of state!)

Here’s the listing. Would you rate us?

Shannon’s teaching at Felt School next week but get ready for more felty goodness this fall in the shop, too. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see first? Wet felting? Needlefelting? You name it, we can do it! Shannon’s new felted hat pattern Reboux is getting great reviews on Ravelry and has already been featured on CRAFT mag’s blog (here). What do you say? Shall we do a Reboux class? Before you know it the snow will be here! (boo!)

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching fast — and we’ll be closed on Sunday, so you’ll want to stop by this week to grab something for your favorite mama.

How about a Stitch Cleveland gift certificate? Or fabric and a pattern you can sew together? We still have some cool Hungarian cross-stitch patterns, and Shannon’s latest book, The Pillow Book. Handknit sock earrings? A Louet needlefelting kit (seen here)?

We’ve got something for all the moms on your list!