Thank You Sale Event!!!

We are thankful when someone stops in just to see what we’re about!

We’re thankful when one of our student starts a project!

We’re thankful when one of our students finishes a project!

We’re thankful to be in business for 8 years!

We’re thankful of our skills and passion & that we can share them with you!

We’re so thankful, we’re marking down all of our fabrics 50%!!! Starting on November 11 thru November 25 !!!  Stay posted for store sale hours.

( Minimum cut 1 yard.  )


Beginner Sewing Bootcamp

Learn sewing basics and make some fun projects, too!  This is a 4 week program which will get you well on your way into the fabulous world of sewing!  Whether you want to sew accessories, fashion or home dec – this will get you started.

Saturdays, November 1-22, 10am-noon.  $160 includes your supplies to make a totebag, pillow with applique and a pair of lounge pants!  We know you can do it!  (kids 8&up and adults) Call to register, 216-220-4808




What I’m wearing.

IMG_0988If you’ve stopped into the shop lately you’ll see I’m sporting a new accessory! Camille is quite comfortable riding along all day in her sling or carrier while I sew and teach. It really frees up my hands so that I can still get some work done while she sleeps and enjoys some snuggles! There are lots of different ways to “wear” a baby – yes, baby wearing is a thing. I’ve been using my Moby Wrap, which I totally love. However, it does tend to get pretty hot with that huge piece of thick fabric wrapped around your body several times!

Many of my friends swear by the good ‘ole ring sling so I decided to give it a try. First step… Make one! Don’t you find that you hate to buy anything that you can make? And why not make it when you have such fun fabrics right at your fingertips! Seriously, the hardest part about making this sling was choosing the fabric and rings. So I made my first one and I love it! After teaching a small group how to make the ring sling, I discovered some ways that I would change the process and add some pockets or make the sling reversible.

I’ve added this class to the calendar for October 29th from 1-3pm. The class is $55 and includes your supplies (2 1/2 yards of your favorite fabric and coordinating aluminum rings). In one afternoon you can complete a great gift or valuable tool to keep for yourself and your little one! Once you make one you won’t be able to stop!



Summer is upon us!  Yay!  We have lots of fun at Stitch planned, too!  Our Etsy Craft Party will be on June 20th, with lots of interesting things for you to learn!  Marie, from Etsy’s NYC office will be sharing a power point presentation with us, and demonstrating techniques for photographing jewelry, garments and bags.  RSVP is required,so… grab a couple friends and don’t miss the fun!!


Summer Camps will be in full swing starting the week of June 10th…these are so much fun!  This year we’ve added Fashion Design with Megan for MIddle school & HIgh School kids,  sewing maxidresses, hats, infinity scarves & more!  If you missed the deadline, there are a few spots left, so give us a call & we’ll try to squeeze you in!

The Summer Class Schedule is packed with sundresses – the ever popular Washi dress, Amelia dress & superdeduper easy elastic shirred sundress…when it gets hot you will wish you had one to slip on!!  Also on the schedule is Sewing Machine Basics with the  Hobo bag, zipped wristlet, picnic buntings, and some Modern Quilts, too!  …and we have lots of new fabrics in the store, too!!  Linens & rayons for dresses, fun chevrons & dots and lots of prints for accessories.  We have also added many notions and have a nice supply of colorful zippers & threads.  And, as always, private lessons can be scheduled at any time.

August will be a busy month with the welcoming of Megan’s baby girl!  Yes-a girl!!  I know, right?   Rex is going to be the best big brother ever!!

Join us  as we celebrate and shower her by decorating Onesies at our Open Studio Social night on June 7th!!  We’ll have onesies & supplies ready to embellish!    We’ll have cake and goodie bags for everyone, too!!!  So don’t miss the fun, please RSVP .



SCRAPPY TRIP AROUND THE WORLD QUILT BLOCKS – MAY 14, 6:30-8:30, $50 (incl supplies)


CURTAIN WORKSHOP – MAY 26, 12-3PM, $50 (plus supplies)


SUNDRESS FOR YOU! Elastic shirring – May 30, 6-9pm, $45 plus supplies



OPEN STUDIO – Social – free, JUNE 7 – 7-9pm (We’ll be honoring  Megan-and showering her with decorated Onesies !!)



MODERN PATCHWORK CLUB – June 14th , 6PM $10, RSVP required



ETSY CRAFT PARTY – June 20, FREE!  RSVP required







New summer camps added!


The Cleveland weather has been amazing the last few days and we’re ready for it to stay! We’re starting to plan for summer by organizing our summer camps. We have quite a few more to add this year including fashion design and specialized camps for different age groups! Space is limited so reserve a spot soon! Register by May 10th. We’re so excited for another summer of fun sewing!

FASHION DESIGN for Middle School with Megan June 24th – 28th, 10am – noon, $180 (includes a kit)

Learn the basics of fashion design with other students your age! We’ll cover mood boards, trending, and color stories as well as learn how to draw fashion figures and tech flats. We’ll discuss the basics of design and have fun rendering fabrics and graphics on our fashion figures! Your kit will include a sampling of my favorite design tools – sketchbook, pencils, markers, fabric swatches and templates!


FASHION DESIGN for High School with Megan July 15th – 19th, 10am – noon, $180 (includes a kit)

Learn the basics of fashion design – for students gearing up for art or fashion school this camp will help you  jumpstart your portfolio! We’ll cover mood boards, trending, and color stories as well as learn how to draw fashion figures and tech flats. We’ll discuss the basics of design and have fun rendering fabrics and graphics on our fashion figures! Your kit will include a sampling of my favorite design tools – sketchbook, pencils, markers, fabric swatches and templates!


FASHION SEWING with Megan June 10th – 14th, 10am – noon, $220 (includes fabric and patterns), ages 13-17

Have fun experimenting with different types of fabrics in this class! Projects include an infinity scarf, cowl neck halter top, skirts (maxi and mini), and a tote bag with exposed zipper patch pocket! We’ll be working with knit fabrics, woven fabrics, exposed zippers, and linings. You will be able to choose from a variety of fabrics for your projects. Bring your machine (in good working order) or rent one of ours!


SEWING CAMP with Heidi JUNE 17th – 21st, 9:30am – noon, $220 (includes supplies) ages 9-11

Learn how to sew this week while you complete an entire outfit! By the end of the week you’ll have finished a summery dress, hat, and decorated tote bag. Choose your own fabric from our fun selection of prints and solids! We may squeeze in a few other small projects such as a wallet or pincushion if time allows.


SEWING CAMP with Heidi July 8th – 12th, 9:30-noon, $220 (includes supplies) ages 9-11

Make a fun pair of capri pants with patch pockets and decorate a t-shirt to match with appliqué! You’ll also complete a pillow with a personalized monogram. Choose your own fabric from our fun selection of prints and solids!



QUILT CAMP with Heidi July 22nd – 26th, 9:30- noon, $220 (includes supplies) ages 9-14

This week, you’ll complete a picnic sized quilt (50″) to enjoy all summer! Create a fun patchwork look with a bazillion prints! Learn the basics of quilting as you finish your first quilt! Binding and quilting will all be done on your machine!






Sewing machine purchasing – serious business!

One of the most common questions we get here at Stitch is about the purchase of a new machine – where do you go as a beginner? Cheap… Convenient… Super duper nice with buttons that allow the machine to sew for you while making your morning coffee as well?

We don’t sell machines at Stitch because we just don’t have a favorite brand or type of machine! When we are asked about choosing a machine we usually suggest a few things:

Try it before you buy it! Visiting a dealer is a great way to get your hands (and fabric) on a machine that you can try before making a big purchase. I like to feel the machine. When you start to sew does it hesitate? Does if feel sturdy? I really hate sewing on a lightweight machine that travels across the table while I am trying to work!

Choose a machine that allows you to choose your own stitch length and width. Some machines have presets where you can only choose 3 different stitch lengths or widths. You really want to have more choices then that! Find a machine that allows you to change the settings yourself.

I love a good walking foot! Walking feet vary from machine to machine. Many machines come with them already attached. This is great! Especially if you have the ability to raise and lower it at your discretion. Walking feet help the feed dogs push/pull the fabric through your machine steadily. This is especially important if you are working with fabrics that are stretchy, heavy, or very fine. In straight sewing you may not notice a marked improvement in the stitches, but when the going gets tough you’ll be glad you have this feature! You can purchase an aftermarket walking foot. They are a little more cumbersome then having them already attached but with some practice it will become second nature.

One step buttonholes are awesome! Most new machines have one step buttonholes now. Basically, it allows you to make a no fuss buttonhole without measuring and marking… your machine will measure the button for you up to 1″. One step buttonholes are very even and neat looking. Manual buttonholes (which usually consist of 4 or more steps) are sometimes difficult to create evenly and symmetrically.

Stitch options… know what you need! It can be mind-blowing when a sales person shows you the thousands of stitches that your new machine does! Most of these you will probably never use! Be sure your machine does a zigzag, multiple stretch stitch, and a straight stitch. You should be able to move your needle position from right to left as well… This will come in handy when you are installing zippers!


I always advise people to stay away from the cheap stuff. Expect to spend between $200-400 for your first machine. You really do get what you pay for in this situation. Buying a cheap machine can make sewing very frustrating. We have a lot of students who had walked away from sewing because they were frustrated… it is usually their machine’s fault! After you purchase your machine be sure to treat it well. Clean it regularly, have it serviced when it needs some attention… In return, it will treat you well! When you come in to Stitch for lessons, we have lots of machines here for you to try out. After a few lessons you will get a feel for what you like! Trying before you buy will make you a better informed consumer.

Our favorite ways to mark…

How do you transfer pattern markings to your fabric? We have a few favorite ways…

My absolute favorite marking tool is Tailor’s chalk. It is a waxy square of white chalk. The kind we use is not very chalky or dusty. Quality Tailor’s chalk should feel like candle wax. It leaves a white mark on your fabric so it is not the best choice if you are working with light colored fabrics. The best part about this chalk is that you can use the blade of your scissors to sharpen it so that you always have a nice, clear, sharp mark.

The con of Tailor’s chalk: it does sometimes leave a stain. No matter what type of marking tool you use, you should always test it on a hidden portion of your fabric first. Tailor’s chalk tends to leave a dark stain on silks.

Another way to transfer your markings is with disappearing ink. We use a double ended pen – one side disappears on its own in a few minutes (perfect for marking where to stop your seam or a quick button placement) and the other side goes away when moistened with water. The inks are purple and blue respectively so this makes them great for light colored fabrics and a perfect compliment to your Tailor’s chalk!

When you find yourself working with very fine fabrics or a textured fabric that may not show markings very well (sequins, velvet, faux fur) you can use tailor’s tacks! Some people only use tailor’s tacks and completely forgo the pens and chalks. That’s fine, too… they just take a bit more time. Tailor’s tacks are like markings with thread… Find a quick tutorial below!

Quick Tailor’s Tacks

20121010-105947.jpg With the pattern still pinned to your fabric, insert needle threaded with contrasting thread into marking. If you have two layers of fabric, you will be stitching through both layers… Leave a thread tail about 3″ – 4″ long.





Create a loop by stitching into the same spot again. If you are sewing through multiple layers of fabric, your loop should be larger then the one pictured here (3″ or so in diameter). I like to have more rather then less… So if in doubt, make your loops large! You can always cut off any extra.





Snip the center of your loop and snip off your needle, leaving a 3-4″ thread tail.





Gently lift your pattern tissue off of the fabric. You will be left with several threads sticking out of your fabric, centered around your marking. Here is where you’ll stop if you are marking through only one layer of fabric. These threads should remain in your fabric for the duration of your project. They are simple to remove when you finish, even if you catch them in your stitches!



  Carefully, lift the top layer of fabric to reveal 1 – 2″ of your tacks.





Snip the threads between the layers.





Now you have two markings! The longer you make your thread loops and tails in the previous steps, the longer your thread tacks will be. I prefer small ones so that they don’t get in my way while I sew, but special care has to be taken sometimes to prevent them from coming out prematurely. Experiment with this method to see what works best for you! I have a friend who knots her threads together so that they don’t budge!

Summer Sewing Camp

Camps are filling fast!  There are still a few spots available  the weeks of:

June 26-29, July 10-13 and August 7-10.  9am-noon each day.

Seamsters will be making a pair of capris and matching top, along with matching headband and shoulder bag- all projects are beginner level, but Sewing 101 is suggested.  Learn how to take measurements, choose a size, read a pattern and lots of fun techniques while  finishing a whole outfit to wear this summer!   Limited to 8 students per session.

Also planned for the summer are Friday Kids & Teen Sewing Workshops.  Starting June 29th, 1-4pm weekly til August 3rd.  $45, sign up a week in advance and pay weekly.  A fun social sewing “club” setting, where students will be working on different projects with individual attention.  Several projects to choose from-give us a call for details!

It’s gonna be a fun sewing summer!





It’s been so long. 1

It’s been too long since our last update. Enjoy some pics of a few things I’ve been working on lately…


A cute little number for a 20’s themed party my husband and I attended, a pirate shirt for the big pirate bash, and an appliquéd robot shirt.

Wordless… almost.

Shirt – Easy Linen Shirt in Kona Cotton from Sewing for Boys

Hat – embroidered bike hat made by Heidi, adult and kids’ sizes available

Pants – Dapper Dillengers from Patterns by Figgy’s (I know you can’t see                 them… but I loved this photo!)

Vest – thrift find


… and here’s a super cute post about sewing for your kids. I know you’ll love it! It also includes an adorable version of Oliver + S’s Cozy Winter Hood!

Sewing Happy Hour 1

We’ve been slacking on our blog posts… Fail. Here’s a bit of what went on during our Sewing Social on Thursday evening:

It sounds like everyone has decided to rename the evening “Sewing Happy Hour.” Maybe it was the wine. We all had a blast! Currently we are working on a confetti quilt to raffle off at the Lakewood Arts Fest with proceeds to benefit a local charity.

You should join us next month! Many of us worked on the quilt but there were also attendees busily stitching personal projects as well… It’s just more fun to sew in the company of other [crazy] fun sewists!


Lately Rex is crazy for robots. He is always pretending to be a robot with a basket on his head. Today I decided to get crazy with the sewing machine and make him a robot helmet!

This is my own pattern and I’ll be sure to let you know when I have it ready for you to try out!

I really enjoyed getting creative with things from the hardware store to make my robot. I used a sink strainer for the antenna and screen door handles for ears! To create a moving mouth I used doll eyes as joints. I found great things in the scrapbooking aisle for my robot, too – the gears and metal punched numbers really made this metal monster come to life. The mouth zips open and closed so Rex is really enjoying making a smiley robot and a quiet robot!

Christmas week

Well, we made it through Christmas and most of the planned DIY gifts were completed!  A few still on the cutting table and the world didn’t end !  (We’re not alone on that are we?)  We hope you had a wonderful weekend with friends and family.  If you’re out and about stop in to say Hi!  We’ll be open normal hours this week, but closed Sunday and  Monday to celebrate New Year’s Day.

If you’re looking for something to do, stop in Thursday, Dec 29 and make a yo-yo flower embellishment.  Anytime between 1 & 4:00. $5, supplies are included.  These are fun little goodies to wear, pin to your fave new sweater, jacket , bag or just clip one in your hair!  I think one would even look good stuck on your sewing machine!  You can use just about every inch of all those little fabric pieces in your stash on these little treasures!

Our January class schedule is now up, check the class tab for more info and stop in to see the samples.  Or, if you prefer private lessons, call now to schedule before cabin fever sets in!

Party time!

We had a great time this weekend hosting another birthday party!

The girls (ages 5-8) made stuffed owls. They turned out super cute and we all had a blast! Heidi and I always giggle at how easy it is to teach kids because they are FEARLESS.

Just jump in! 1

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately about the kinds of projects a beginner can handle. We think you’ll be surprised at what you can do when you break it down into a step-by-step process. It’s hard to take it one step at a time without looking too far ahead and thinking… I’m never going to be able to make that final product!

Our advice is to throw caution to the wind and start slow! Expect mistakes and don’t be discouraged when things turn out differently then you expected. Sometimes a mistake can be a fantastic design detail!

I’d like to introduce you to one of our beginner students. Elissa came in with some ideas and patterns and didn’t mind starting slow – but we jumped right in anyways! At Stitch, we think you should always work on things that excite you! Why learn to sew on a project you hate? Make it something you’re excited to finish!

In this case, Elissa has 3 kids at home that she wanted to sew for… Her biggest fans! In our first lessons together, Elissa completed a full Twirl skirt for her oldest daughter… She was hooked! After trying out a machine at Stitch, she made an educated decision about purchasing one of her own. By the time she came in for her next lesson she had completed a matching Peasant top! Since then, she has completed another dress for her younger daughter and had plans for starting one for herself… And that was Thursday! Who knows what she’s been up to since then?

Thanks for letting me share your story, Elissa… And the pics of your beautiful daughter!

Color Play 1

So many of our customers and students feel nervous and anxious when faced with the challenge of grouping colors and patterns. When admiring a shelf or stash of fabrics filled with all of your favorite colors, how do you choose?

Heidi is a pro at helping you keep your cool when faced with developing themes and grouping colors! Don’t you love her sample? It’s been hanging in the shop and attracting so much attention!

By the end of class you’ll feel more confident about working with large prints, patterns, and bold solids.

COLOR PLAY APR 7, 6-8:30pm  $45 (THURS)** The date for this class has been changed to Saturday morning, April 23, 10am-1.  We’ll be meeting for our Modern Quilt Social on April 7th-please join us for some stitchy fun!

Earn a badge at Stitch!

We had a great time on Tuesday with another group of Brownies! The eleven 9 year olds were excellent with the sewing machine. They managed to complete their needle books with time to spare so that they could sing the Brownie Smile Song with Miss Heidi!

Generation Next 1

Have you seen the fresh new patterns at McCall’s? I’m so excited to see some familiar faces with patterns of their own!  As you know, I frequent NY often to visit my son (how convenient-huh??)  and love to stop in Williamsburg to visit all the fabulous local talent showcased in boutiques up and down  the hip streets in Brooklyn.  A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Patty, at Flirt.  They have the coolest fashions, and also have a sewing workshop called Home Ec, where they teach sewing.  Don’t ask me how I found them, it must have been my fabric radar!!

I just picked up a copy of Vogue Patterns sewing magazine and was thrilled to read about her, among other fabulous seamsters, featured on their pages.  You have to check out their skirt pattern, as well as patterns from Marcy Tilton, Rebecca Turnbow, Melissa Watson and Megan Nicolay.  All of them are very cool and trendy.  I love finding patterns that showcase similar ready to wear designs as H&M, Anthropologie, Eileen Fisher, etc.

And don’t miss the article on Sewing Lounges!!  It’s so great to see so many like minded seamsters sharing their skills as we do right here at Stitch Cleveland.   There’s Helen at Seam Divas in Vancouver, Michelle, Gina and Lupine at Modern Domestic in Portland, Citycraft in Dallas,  Diana at Make Workshop in NY and so many others!!

So, get your sewing machines out, open up that fabric stash…and get sewing!  Sewing is def not a dying art!  Stop in and take advantage of Free Sew sessions, schedule a few private lessons or check out our class listings.  We’re here to keep sewing alive and want you to join in the fun and hang at your local sewing lounge, Stitch Cleveland!