Success stories

Just jump in! 1

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately about the kinds of projects a beginner can handle. We think you’ll be surprised at what you can do when you break it down into a step-by-step process. It’s hard to take it one step at a time without looking too far ahead and thinking… I’m never going to be able to make that final product!

Our advice is to throw caution to the wind and start slow! Expect mistakes and don’t be discouraged when things turn out differently then you expected. Sometimes a mistake can be a fantastic design detail!

I’d like to introduce you to one of our beginner students. Elissa came in with some ideas and patterns and didn’t mind starting slow – but we jumped right in anyways! At Stitch, we think you should always work on things that excite you! Why learn to sew on a project you hate? Make it something you’re excited to finish!

In this case, Elissa has 3 kids at home that she wanted to sew for… Her biggest fans! In our first lessons together, Elissa completed a full Twirl skirt for her oldest daughter… She was hooked! After trying out a machine at Stitch, she made an educated decision about purchasing one of her own. By the time she came in for her next lesson she had completed a matching Peasant top! Since then, she has completed another dress for her younger daughter and had plans for starting one for herself… And that was Thursday! Who knows what she’s been up to since then?

Thanks for letting me share your story, Elissa… And the pics of your beautiful daughter!

Megan is a sewing machine…

…For real, this girl is on fire! Megan, 12, started sewing at Stitch Cleveland over the summer. Religiously, twice a week, Megan came in to work on her latest creation. She started off the summer as a very beginner sewer. She ended the summer as a seasoned professional, thinking about starting her own business!

Megan started off making pillows and moved on to purses and bags. Her most recent project is the Amy Butler raincoat. Among her list of completed projects you’ll find the Sophia Carry-All, the Field Tote, the Gumdrop Pillow, the Nappy Bag, and several Midwest Mod Pillows! Currently she is working on a halloween costume for her younger brother… talented and generous!

Yay, Emily!

We are so impressed with the latest creation to leave our workshop…

Ms. Emily is rockin’ the sewing machine. This is the beautiful rain coat she made this month. It looks amazing! We know you’re jeal. We were amazed (but not surprised, since Emily is a highly gifted seamstress) at how much the coat looks like she could have purchased it at a store!

This jacket is fully lined using Amy Butler’s Home Dec weight fabrics. The fabric can be a little challenging because the layers do get thick in spots. But Emily handled it like a pro.

Some other projects that Emily has done in the past include pajama pants, skirts, and bags. She has also drafted her own slopers and created her own skirt pattern with cargo pockets. The finished product was great, too! Emily also loves to design and has been working with me on sketching and designing her own creations. She has learned how to draw a fashion figure, render and illustrate different fabrics, and draw technical flats! Emily’s sketches have appeared in her school’s literary magazine, too. Great job, Emily! It’s a joy to have you in class!

a new local artist…

I’m so impressed! One of our weekly students came in tonight for studio time (we rent out our space if you need more room to work then what you have at home) to work on her new venture… she has started her own business!

Last week Claire came in for her usual classtime and decided to work on some awesome t-shirts… she’s upcycling logos and letters to create her own Claire-Wear. She’s started a blog (can’t wait to see what else she writes about) and a great website to sell her work.

By the way, those adults that are always complaining about today’s youth better eat their words… Claire is in 7th grade!

Just wanted to give you another example of how productive you can be with your artistic talent and creative abilities!

Draping is so fun!

Today at Stitch Cleveland, the afternoon was spent draping a fabulous design by a young designer we are sure you will see a lot of in the future!

L has completed a croquis book this summer for ‘homework’ and has chosen five outfits to present in a portfolio! From the five, L and Megan have decided to make a few of their favorites. Well, L will do most of the work…


The first steps came today. Muslin was draped and pinned to shape the fitted top that will have boning, lining, and an inner support structure. L has thought out every detail with Megan’s help… thread color and topstitching, zipper application, and hand sewn details. We can’t wait to see the final products. Wait until you see the skirt that goes with this top!

This photo shows her work in progress. If you’re thinking…

“gee wiz… that looks great, I could never do that!”

… you are so wrong! L is 13 and came to Stitch Cleveland as a beginner sewer. She has been practicing and working hard on her own as well as with us in the shop.

Ready to start something fun like this? Stop in!

More Sweet Success!

We love to keep you posted on the projects our students and customers have been working on. It’s inspiring to see what everyone is up to… and motivating enough to keep us all sewing! Liza is a gifted quilter. The other day she brought in her latest creation. We especially loved this quilt because of the fussy cut center detail. Beautiful… check out the close up!

DSCN0594DSCN0596Thanks, Liza!

We’re so proud!



We are so happy for one of our favorite students, Esther. Her beautiful quilt, Sunset Forever, has won second place at the Lake Farm Parks Quilt Show! Congrats, Esther! You can see her beautiful quilt on display until March 25th. 

Esther has been busy sewing and designing for quite a while now. She is and experienced quilter and garment sewer. She’s been learning the ins and out of pattern drafting and design during her private lessons with Megan! Esther has made some incredible garments. Her first design is pictured below. 




Way to go, Esther! The greatest thing about sewing is finding out how creative you can be! If you’re ready to learn how to make your dream wardrobe a reality – give us a call to schedule your first patternmaking class!


Today is a good day to dye

(As for the post title, I guess referencing Klingon proverbs really means you’re a geek, eh? Guilty as charged).

Last Saturday’s dye class was brilliant — pun intended — as you can see from student Darcy‘s end products above. (For more, check out her yarn photos on Flickr). The sun didn’t come out and scorch us until after we were done applying the dye, the air was cool, it was just lovely.

There are still some spaces left in the Annie Modesitt and upcoming surface design classes, so register soon. Also, in response to the number of online wheel sales we’ve been doing, we’ve posted some of the available ones on our Etsy shop. If you’re in the market for a wheel, let Shannon know (she’s currently selling her Ashford Elizabeth 2, as well as new Louets) and she can help you find the wheel of your dreams! They aren’t all posted online. Ditto with spinning supplies and fiber.

More success stories!

Katie is a high school student, she had a dress from a local vintage shop that was way 80s, so she wanted to remove the puffy sleeves and create a bubble hem and sweetheart neckline.

She also made the shawl she is wearing in the photo. Katie dabbles in sewing on her own and just needed a little advice, so she came in for help from Stitch Cleveland. I’m looking forward to seeing her next project! Doesn’t the dress look great?

With prom season upon us (so soon?!), not to mention the summer bridal season, don’t forget that Stitch Cleveland can not only help you make the dress of your dreams (or alter a pre-existing one like Katie’s), but we can also do alterations and fit adjustments, too! Call us or stop by to talk about your project.

A Success Story!

We thought it was about time to show all you doubters what a true believer in craft can do! Many people assume that sewing (or any form of crafting) is something you have to do for years to achieve a great result. Not true! All it takes is an idea…

Kellie is a new sewer. She inherited her mom’s old Kenmore sewing machine — the metal kind that almost requires a wheely cart to move it! Kellie spotted some curtains for her nursery in a catalog, but after spending a bit of money on having a crib skirt and some other simple items made she was ready to venture out on her own. She sent us a picture of the curtains she wanted to make and chose her fabric.

Kellie came in to Stitch Cleveland for a private sewing lesson where Megan taught her how to measure, mark, and cut her fabric. After revving up her machine for the first time, she was hooked.

One lesson later, Kellie had finished the first curtain (check out the picture)! Kellie learned enough in her two lessons to make the second curtain on her own… just in time for her new arrival!

We are so happy that Kellie found her “inner designer” that we just had to share her achievement with everyone! You can take lessons, too! Have an idea but just don’t know where to start? Stop in to talk about it and see where it takes you.