Moving westward!!!

Eight years ago, Stitch Cleveland started as a crazy idea we had for a social sewing studio and blossomed into what it is today! We can hardly believe what it’s become. Thanks to you, we’ve created a family business that we are proud of and that has enabled us to feed our creativity and develop professionally at the same time. We cannot begin to thank you enough for your support and generosity over the years.
The time has come for us to move on from our traditional brick and mortar storefront and turn to a less traditional but perhaps more comfortable way to do business. We’ve decided that in order to continue to be at our peak creativity, we should close our storefront and continue our classes in our own home studios! We’re certain you’ll love the change. We have the same setup… Lots of sewing space, cutting tables & creative energy! Without the worries of parking and the busy intersection! We’re excited for you to see where we get creative and inspired and hope it inspires you, too!
Heidi will continue to teach kids after school classes and private lessons in her Westlake studio, which is conveniently located on Center Ridge near Crocker Park.
Megan will be concentrating on several design projects and releasing her own line of PDF sewing patterns! She will continue to teach private and small group lessons out of her home studio in Avon near Avon Commons.
If you are interested in a Birthday Party or Girl Scout event – call to discuss details! We have had so many fun and memorable parties with kids – it’s become one of our favorite stitchy things to do. We are still working out the details but are looking forward to introducing our new party and troop events very soon.
Our store in Lakewood will host its last classes during the week before Christmas. (last day will be December 23) We are excited about the changes ahead and hope to see you all in our studios! Please stay connected… We’ll remain active on Facebook, our website, and our email newsletter. You can still reach us via email and phone!
Heidi & Megan


Our first location!



Our second location!


Sneak peek at Heidi’s Studio in Westlake. Change is good!


Time flies…







I think it’s true what they say (who are they anyways?)… Time flies when you’re having fun. We are so lucky to be doing what we love and we thank all of our friends, customers, and students who make it possible! In case you missed it, over the summer the Plain Dealer did a very nice article about Stitch Cleveland featuring some fantastic photos of one of our end of the season Summer Camps.

IMG_0982Summer was a complete whirlwind of sewing activity! We were so excited to be extremely busy even before the article ran, but once it was published we had a huge rush of phone calls and interest in our little shop!

As a matter of fact, it was so busy we had to take a waiting list of campers that has overflowed into fall! So if you missed joining our camps for summer, it is not too late!
-5ecfb4c7120c1b4cCheck out our schedule and join us for one of our fall or winter camps!

There has been one particular person who has been monopolizing our schedules as well! Camille was born on August 20th! Her big brothers are so happy and proud – especially Rex! Mommy and Daddy are still adjusting to the new little one… I’m back in the shop and Camille has been joining me there. She already loves the sound of the sewing machine while she hangs out with Grandma Heidi and Mommy in her sling! Now, indulge me while I post some sweet little pictures for you to enjoy! We’ll see you in the shop soon!

Getting back to how lucky we are to be able to do what we love… I’m especially thankful that I get to do what I love with my mom, Heidi. I know that all of you know how fantastic she is, too! She is the best mom a girl could have and I am so grateful that she worked so hard while I was gone (and now that I’m back… and… always) to make the shop fantastic! Thanks, Mom! Here are some photos from this summer’s article. You can check out the full article here!



We, Stitch Cleveland… 1

… Are super excited to have the opportunity to work on the new movie I, Alex Cross that is filming here in Cleveland. 

We’ll be closed for the first week of August for filming. During the second week of August we will be in and out of the shop – give us a call or email before you plan to visit! We can’t wait to tell you about all of our cool adventures and are proud to be a part of this film!

We’ve contacted all of you fantastically understanding students that were scheduled for those weeks and are super grateful that you were happy to reschedule your classes… Thank you! But we also wanted to let everyone else know – just in case you were planning on stopping by! Pop in this week during our normal hours. Please feel free to call to schedule a time to come by if our normal hours don’t work out for you. We want to be sure you have all the fabric you need to get you through the two week hiatus!

Thanks for being loyal Stitchers… and loyal Clevelanders!

Communication breakdown!

All of us at Stitch Cleveland want to say SORRY! We are having some phone issues at the shop that seem to be preventing some of you from contacting us. We are working on solving the problem, but for those of you who have been trying to phone in, we are unable to receive your messages and phone calls. If you are not successful in contacting us via phone, please email us! (shop@stitchcleveland.com)

We all check our mail multiple times throughout the day, and can usually get back to you even more quickly than we can with the phone. Our phone will be back in working order soon and we hope to hear all of your beautiful voices. Heck, we’ll be so excited to answer the phone we may even fight for it!

(Shannon, have I ever told you I am a black belt in karate…?)

Getting organized 1

We’re really looking forward to Knit in Public Day this weekend. The main festivities will be going on between 11:00 and 4:00, so pack up your needles and come knit with us!

Meanwhile, we’ve been focused on painting, organizing and unpacking everything into the shop. Heidi and I went to TNNA, a needlearts trade show, this past weekend and ordered some lovely things for Stitch Cleveland, including Soak fine fiber wash. We stocked up on not only their regular scents but also the new limited-edition Amy Butler “Sola” scent, and got to meet Amy herself. And yes, of course we asked if she wanted to come up and teach!

We’ve got a new Flickr account so add us as a friend if you like. Or join the Stitch Cleveland Flickr group and post photos of your creations from classes here! You can add up to five photos per week to the group photo pool. The lovely ladies you see at left were some of Heidi’s sock monkey class students last night.

Gift certificates — we’ve had requests, and just so you know, we do offer them. Email shop@stitchcleveland.com with what you’d like (a certificate for a particular class? a particular dollar amount?) and we’ll either email you a printable version or hold it for you at the shop.