Grand opening party 1

We had such a great time at this weekend’s grand opening party — thanks so much to all of you who came out! If you missed it, you really did miss out. For one, there was this cake:

Tasty, but it turned your mouth some very funny colors. I think it was Megan who first called it “goth mouth.” Heidi’s friends sent her these gorgeous flowers to celebrate:

Check out the pincushions for sale in the bowl next to the flowers — people have really been loving those lately. And speaking of loving… how’s this?

These are by a local artist named Pavia Lewis. They’re handknit pins, and they are beyond adorable. She’s taking them to Stitches this year but you heard about them here first!

Here’s a link to the ones we have in stock right now. If you want to order one via mail order or reserve a particular color for pickup here, click the buy now link. (Specify which color in comments, or let us choose)

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