Our machines are off…

Oh no! We are still without power at Stitch. It is one of those rare days when our machines aren’t keeping the shop humming… We’ve been checking in frequently to see how our neighbors and friends are doing. We hope you and your families have been safe, warm, and dry!

We’ll let you know when we are open again… I know you’ll need a sewing fix! Rumor on the streets is that it could be until Saturday. If you have a class scheduled, we will be in touch to cancel if need be. If you are uncertain, feel free to leave us a message and we’ll call you asap… we are checking in often!

Sewing social is still scheduled for Thursday evening… We’ll post here and on Facebook if we need to cancel (we hope not)!

Tonight we hope you will snuggle up to someone special or enjoy the company of a good friend to stay warm. Be safe, friends.

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