The American Sewing Expo

You’ve never been to an Expo like this one!!  Talk about fabric, you’ll find some awesome fabrics here for sure, along with tons of other sewing goodies.  We went last year, and drove right back the next day, too!  It’s in Novi, Michigan , September 25th – 27th – and a quick 2-1/2 short hours away, in the Rock Financial Showplace, very impressive digs, too!  Parking is very convenient.


Oh, and take something you made and be sure to have your photo taken at the Yes, I Made It Booth!  Photos are posted on their website. We took totes that we made last year.  They have lots of events during the Expo, too, like the Re-Construction Zone with the Threadbanger Duo ( I love them!), Passion for Fashion Sewing Challenge, The Sew Experience Cafe, oh, and lots of great classes, too.

So get your sewing friends together for a day trip!  You won’t be disappointed-I promise! .  Stop in the store for a brochure.