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How to Find Us!

Call us anytime at 216.220.4808.

email Megan at

email Heidi at


At Stitch Cleveland, we love to help you discover your creativity!

This is the place to go for all kinds of lessons and classes including kids classes! We can help you develop a new skill or sharpen your old ones.

Stitch Cleveland is run by Heidi and Megan, a mother-daughter team of seamsters that have been sewing since they were teenagers. Read more about their background and specialties on our About page.



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  • admin

    Hi Angela! Yes, we did close our location in Lakewood. However, I still offer private lessons on Saturdays at my home studio in Avon and Heidi offers occasional classes at her home studio in Westlake. You can email to schedule a class or give us a call!

  • admin

    Sorry, our only location is on the westside. Have you mapped our location? We are close to I-90 and only minutes from downtown Cleveland.

  • admin

    We offer tailoring and alterations classes one on one! Call us to schedule a private lesson and we can talk more about what you’re looking for, Lisa!

  • Lisa Rivera

    Hello Heidi! I have been searching for someone to teach me some tailoring with no luck, do you offer one on one classes?

  • admin

    Hi! We usually start around 8-9 yrs old for group classes. For the younger kids we suggest private lessons. You can call the store to schedule with us! -heidi

  • Amy

    What’s the youngest age you accept for beginning sewing classes? I have a 6 year old who is interested in learning. Thanks!

  • admin

    HI! Yes we do have a machine tech that picks up weekly on Wednesdays, you can bring your machine in anytime.
    We will have an applique class on the October schedule-or you can schedule a private lesson at any time! -heidi

  • admin

    Some sewing machine experience is helpful, since this is a group class. You may want to either take the Beginner hobo Bag class, or schedule a private lesson to get you started. It’s best to know how to use the machine before joining the Modern Patchwork Club, you may feel overwhelmed.

  • admin

    Yes, we do have a machine tech that picks up weekly on Wednesdays. Just bring your machine in anytime. We’ve offered this onesie class many times-it’s very popular! However, it’s not currently on the schedule. You can schedule a private lesson, though! Give us a call to schedule. 216-220-4808. -heidi

  • Laura

    Hey Ladies,

    I am interested in learning how to sew and my grandmother is giving me her sewing machine since she no longer uses it. She said it would need some maintenance and I was wondered if you guys provide that service or if you could point me in that direction.

    Also, I wanted to learn how to make baby onesies with applique patterns. Maybe other people would be interested in a beginner class for this???

    Thank you!!!

  • Denyse

    If I know nothing about quilting, fabric, or that metal pokey bit you guys use to tie it all together, will I be completely overwhelmed by the Modern Patchwork Club? I would love to learn how to quilt but am wondering what level of “beginner quilter” the club can accommodate.

    Let me know. Thanks!

  • Theresa

    I would like to learn how to quilt. I have never quilted before and was wondering what is the best class for me to enroll in?


  • Mary

    I have a Singer Finishing Touch serger and I was wondering if you can help me as it seems I am serger and sewing challenged 🙂

  • Jean Selby

    I would like to make a maxi skirt or sundress. I am a plus size woman (about 2x) and was wondering 1) if you have or can create a pattern for it and 2) if I can arrange a sewing lesson (or more) to make one? I am an advanced beginner (leaning more toward beginner! but Heidi has helped me become more confident!) Or should I look at Simplicity or one of those pattern books for a skirt? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • admin

    It might be a good idea to stop in. The Camps are filling, but we do have some spots still available.

  • admin

    Hi Erica,
    We have several options for Summer camp, which include different projects. The Beginner session is scheduled for June 25-28, it will be mornings . They will be making a patchwork pillow and a simple dress with a matching headband. Let me know if this week works for you! You can call the store for more details.

  • Erica Riley

    Hi! My 11 year old daughter is really interested in the summer workshops to learn to sew. Would it be best to come in for more information on each of these or could you email me? We want to get signed up before the classes are full. Thanks!


  • admin

    Sure, we’re pretty dog friendly here! Minnie is Heidi’s Old English Sheepdog. She usually comes in on Thursdays and Fridays, sometimes Wednesdays. Stop in and say hi… if they don’t make quick friends you can always stop back on a day Minnie isn’t in!

  • Logan

    I keep meaning to stop in, but I am always reminded as I am walking my dog past your store. I see a dog inside some days and was just wondering if you’d mind if I would bring my Corgi inside?

  • admin

    We’re located just minutes from downtown Cleveland via I-90. We have many students from the east side!

  • Lulu

    IS there like a sewing place that you know of, that is closer to the East side, that I could get private sewing lessons from in the new year?

  • admin

    Probably not til spring. But, you can schedule a private lesson to make one-give us a call to schedule a lesson!

  • admin

    Hi Jeanne, we have a Brother quilting machine however, it is not a long arm. It has a quilt frame, very similar to a long arm set up. It’s an awesome machine and quilts very nicely! If you know how to free-motion-you will love the way this machine quilts! The lessons are $30 per hour – call us at the store to schedule a time if you’re interested.

  • Jeanne Morton

    Hi Ladies,
    I saw on your website that you have a quilting machine. Do you give lessons on using it? I have not used one before, and usually use my embroidery machine to do my quilting, but I would love to try the quilting machine.


  • admin

    Hi Amanda, Our time for custom work is very limited, but give us a call at the store and we’ll see what we can work out with you!

  • admin

    Hi Nilsa, We don’t have weekly crochet classes scheduled, but perhaps an hour lesson once a week would fit your needs? Give us a call at the store and we can look at our schedule! Heidi

  • nilsa lewellyn

    im a nuvie in crocheting. i’ve been teaching myself through youtube tutorials. would like to know where can i attend continuous crochet classes. in the cleveland area.the only info available is for 2hrs classes. which it”s not suitable to my needs please help. nilsa

  • admin

    Amanda, I”m going to place an order, let me know which print you want and I’ll include it! call or email your choice.

  • Amanda

    Do you guys have Amy Butler’s Love collection in the Soul ‘cap'(cool colors)? I got a deal on some of her bedding this past weekend, but they were out of the bedskirts so I’m looking for some fabric to make my own.

  • admin

    HI! Nice husband! Yes we can certainly help you. It sounds like a Sewing Machine basics lesson would do the trick. I would allow 2 hours, we’ll go through your owner’s manual and try out all the bells & whistles. Give us a call or email and we can look at our schedules. 216-220-4808 or

  • mary martin

    Hi, my darling husband just gave me a Brother PC210-2RW sewing machine. I’m so excited. The trouble is, I’ve been working on a Singer 301A since I was 4 years old. That’s 53 years of the Singer. I know darn well I am going to need some one on one instruction on using this machine so I don’t waste hundreds of hours of time teaching myself to thread the bobbin, for instance. Is there hope for someone like me? Let me know. I can come during the day and also can bring the machine. I really don’t need instructions on how to construct anything, just basics on this particular machine. Thanks!

  • admin

    I know, one of the biggest challenges of sewing is finding just the right fabric. What fabric are you looking for? Call me at the store or email me, I’ll help the best I can! 216-220-4808 or


  • Melisa

    I am making my daughter’s First Communion dress and am incredibly dissatisfied with the fabric available at the larger chain stores in the Cleveland area. Looking online for stores has me going from one side of town to the other, with no guarantee that they will have the types of fabric one would need to make that kind of dress. Do you have any suggestions of places that would have the white material I’d need? I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you,

  • admin

    Hi Linda! Thanks for asking! After a while we do have sample sales but we also can custom make you a bag of your choosing! Give us a call to find out more or schedule a time to pop in and let’s talk!

  • Linda Bihn


    There are two bags that are in your window. I would be interested in getting one or two bags for gift giving. How do I purchase & the cost.


  • admin

    beth, thanks for asking. i use large brown craft paper for my working patterns, sometimes white butcher paper. for slopers i use tagboard. i buy my paper at hollo’s in brunswick, ohio but i’ve seen it online also. i’m happy to sell you some of what i have. i know there are people who use marker paper for patterns but i got used to using plain paper in college and really like it. if you are looking for the paper that you can use to trace patterns (for example, maybe you want to use more then one size) i’ve seen ‘pattern ease’ at jo-ann’s by the interfacing. or you can just use sew-in interfacing…. xo. megan

  • admin

    Hi Michelle,
    So sorry, I just noticed your comment way down on the list and couldn’t tell if one of us got back to you! Anyway, I figure if I give the the info twice it can’t hurt!!! We get our design supplies from PGM Pro. I haven’t been able to find any other suppliers. Hope things are going well over at Modern Domestic!!! We’ve been busy with classes here in Ohio…. and so glad!

  • admin

    we no longer carry spinning supplies… you’ll want to talk to Shannon Okey, over at, i’m sure she’ll be able to help you out!

  • Michelle

    Heidi and Megan,
    I have been looking at a bunch of different distributors for stiletto wheels and notch cutters with no luck. Would you mind telling me where you found yours? We love your store! I am a midwesterner myself and will have to come visit next time I am back. Please come visit us if you ever are in Portland.