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We offer private and group lessons in a fun and creative studio environment! We pride ourselves in being able to tailor our classes to the needs of our students – so be sure to tell us what you’re looking for!  (scroll down for calendar)

Private Lessons

During a private lesson, you can expect one on one attention and a class that is catered to your needs and questions. You can bring a project idea that you’d like help with or we can guide you in choosing the right project for your skill level! Private lessons can include but are not limited to topics such as sewing basics, patternmaking, sewing techniques for all skill levels, fashion design and illustration, knitting, and crochet. Call us up and we can chat some more about what you are looking for! Our private lesson rate is $30 per hour. Duet lessons are $20 hr and groups of 3 or more are $15 hr.

We suggest scheduling in 2-hour blocks of time – it’s the perfect amount of stitching time to finish a small project or make a considerable amount of progress on a larger project. We schedule Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Sunday hours by appointment.  To schedule simply call 216-220-4808  or email or

Private Groups

Everyone loves a party, right? So picture this… A lovely evening/ afternoon of getting your stitch on with a bunch of your friends!  We have lots of project suggestions and all the supplies you’ll need.


We love hosting birthday parties for all ages!!  Everyone loves to create !!  We have lots of fun projects & colorful fabrics to choose from – they are all easy and fun, too!  Call us for more info.

Group Classes

Our group classes are great for the seamster that also likes to be social!

We have added Beginner Sewing Bootcamp, Sewbots, Crafty Ninjas and Fashion Series for Girls & more fun series!!

Classes are open to all ages unless otherwise noted. See our calendar below for a description of what’s coming up – call us to schedule! Unless specified, our group classes include supplies – whenever possible you will choose your own fabric and color schemes!

Please register early for classes! We know you are all so excited to learn how to sew! Group classes are more fun if we have at least 3 students in attendance, if this hasn’t been reached 2 days prior, the class may be cancelled. If a class is canceled due to low enrollment, you will be contacted beforehand and issued a store credit or a full refund for that class. Please sign up early!

If you’d like to take a class on a day or at a time we don’t offer, please ask us! We can work out an arrangement to accommodate your busy schedule.


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October 2014

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98 thoughts on “class schedule

  • admin Post author

    Hi Holiday – have you seen our new Crafty Ninja and Sew Bots classes? I hope something interests your guy – we’d love to sew with him… We could also do a private lesson with him!

  • admin Post author

    We do offer a Hobo Bag class for beginners pretty often – but you might like a private lesson if you need help organizing your ideas! In a private lesson you can choose what we work on in class!

  • admin Post author

    Mothers and daughters can attend most of our group classes together! We can also do a duet lesson with just the two of you… How fun!

  • admin Post author

    We’re trying to offer Crafty Ninjas once a month! We just added one for November, we’ll be making chalkboard fabric banners.

  • jsodetcrochet

    How often does Stitch offer the Crafty Ninjas class? My daughter received a gift certificate to Stitch, however, she is only 6 and still a little young for the kids sewing, The crafty ninjas class sounds perfect for her.

  • elizabeth

    Do you ever offer and mother/daughter classes? My daughter wants to learn how to sew and wants the supplies for christmas, but I’m afraid I can’t sew too!

  • keturah

    Hi, I have always been interested in making purses. Clutches, hobo, Big, little, constructed, loose …. just about all types of purses.. do you guys offer
    anything in that area! I have so many ideas but just cant get them out. Thanks!

  • heathenholiday

    My 8 year old son wants to learn how to sew, but all the classes seem girl-oriented. Do you have any gender-neutral classes available coming up for August 2014? Please let me know, Holiday

  • admin Post author

    Sorry, we don’t teach upholstery. Call the store and we can give you the name of someone who does, though!

  • H. O. Colleran

    Hi! Do you offer any classes in beginner upholstery? I am interested in learning a new skill!

  • admin Post author

    This would be a duet lesson if you are both working on the same project and it would be $20 each per hour. Don’t worry about your skill levels, we’ll help you both. You can find lots of ideas online, Pinterest and in books. What kind of projects have you made already? We can discuss ideas if you stop in or give us a call at the store.

  • Julia

    Oh, I forgot to ask, what good projects would be good for me to do if I’ve been sewing for about 7 months and she’s been doing it for about 3-4 months?

  • Julia

    I am interested in doing a private class with my friend. I have more experience than her, but can’t decide on a good project for both levels. Also, how much would a 2 person private be?

  • Eunice Dillard

    I’m interested in the crochet classes, I missed the last one that you offered and have been looking ever since without any luck could you please email me when another one will be available.

  • admin Post author

    Hi and thanks for checking us out. We carry Westminster Fibers, Free Spirit Fabrics, Riley Blake fabrics and Kona cotton solids, linen blends, rayons, voiles and knits.Amy Butler is one of our most popular fabric lines. You may not be familiar with these, but they are very good quality fabrics and excellent for many projects including garments. You can get a good idea of our fabrics from the photos on our website and Facebook as well as each company’s website.We work with many advances seamstresses,and are advanced seamstress ourselves, however we do not carry linens and silks. Many of our customers shop online for their specific needs with great success,though!

  • lynn

    Hello -
    I am always in the hunt for unusual, high quality fabrics for adult garment sewing – esp. natural fabrics like linen and silk – and fabrics that meet my standards are very difficult to find locally. I am trying to get an idea of the fabric selection at Stitch since I live on the opposite side of town and would hate to waste my time if you don’t have what I want.
    You describe on your website that you carry a large line of fabrics suitable for the beginner sewer. That sounds like low-end cotton blends. Not what I want or need.

    What do you have for the advanced seamstress?
    Thank you.

  • admin Post author

    Hi! We really don’t have a specific guys night. We do consider ourselves guy friendly, though! If you are interested in learning the basics, a private lesson would be a great idea. It would help you get your feet wet and give you some basic knowledge to build upon. Give us a call and we can talk more and schedule a time for you to come in! You can pick your own project – we won’t make you stitch something girly! We promise!

  • fab brick

    do you have a guys night? i am an adult male that is interested in learning the basics of sewing machines and alterations. do you offer lessons/seminars that can help me?

  • admin Post author

    We can schedule a private lesson for pattern drafting with you, give us a call during business hours and we can look at our schedules together!

  • admin Post author

    We have a PJ Party planned for Oct 20. Make a pair of pants and have pizza with us, too! We have a PJ sewing class for kids on Nov 21, 3:30-6pm, $65 and for adults on Sunday, Nov 17 , 1-3:30 $65.

  • admin Post author

    Sorry-I forgot to answer your main question! I wouldn’t count on finishing the dress in one session. We normally do a quick bodice muslin to determine fit, then you will cut out & mark your pieces…then start sewing! You may get done up to the sleeve detail in the first session, again, depending on skill level. -heidi

  • admin Post author

    The Amelia & Washi dresses are fairly simple, but completion depends on your skill level. The sessions are designed so that you can work at your own pace. If you need additional sessions, simply sign up for another! You can do some work at home between sessions if you choose. There will be a PJ class scheduled in October! -heidi

  • admin Post author

    We have a sewing tech that picks up at our store! You can drop off your machine at any time, he picks up on Wednesdays. -heidi

  • Pam Ehren

    I have a ken more sewing machine 2170 for 1982 that needs repair since the needle will ot descend. Any ideas where I can take it?
    Thank you in advance

  • Sharyn

    Are you able to complete the Amelia or Washi dress in one session? What experience level is needed? I am interested in learning to make basic pj pants.

  • admin Post author

    Hi, We currently do not have any hand embroidery classes on the schedule, however, private lessons are always available. We’ll focus on exactly what you want to learn! We carry Sublime stitching iron ons & notions in the store. Call the store to schedule a lesson.

  • Sarah


    By chance, are beginner’s hand embroidery classes ever offered? If so, I would love more information about it. Even if there is the possibility for private lessons, I would love to know about that too.

    Thanks in advance

  • Tina


    Will you be scheduling the Patchwork or the Home Dec Basics – Pillow piping soon? I would love to make some pillows to match my curtains!!

  • admin Post author

    Photos of the trip around the world block can be found on our Facebook page and on our flicker photos on our website. We also have samples in the store!

  • admin Post author

    Private lessons for beginners are $30 hr one on one, duet lessons are $20 hr and groups of 3 or more are $15 hr.

  • admin Post author

    We have a Modern Patchwork club every month on the second Friday night, 6pm, $10. We make a different block each month and review the basics. Check our classes page for group classes.we’ll have more on the schedule in the fall.

  • guest

    Hi, when are the modern quilting classes? Also, how much are private classes for beginners?

  • Jean

    Hi! This might be posted twice cuz the site kicked me off. One, do you have any photos of the scrappy trip around the world block? Will the class be offered on another date this spring? And last, do you still teach beginning/refresher knitting classes?

  • Jean

    Do you have any photos of the trip around the world blocks? And will this be offered on another date? Last question :) Do you still teach knitting classes (beginner/refresher)?

  • Krysti

    Hello. I am interested in learning how to upholster a chair. Do you have any classes on the topic coming up? My friend is also interested. Thank you!

  • admin Post author

    HI Theonee, Fashion Illustration class is starting on Jan 28, 4-6pm and every Monday afternoon til March 4th. the students are all very fun and creative-you will love it! Have your mom call the store to register $100. 216-220-4808.