sewing party

Pizza & Pajama Party! 2

Bring your friends and make a pair of pajama pants  together!!  We had so much fun last month we’re doing it again!

Sewing & pizza, a great plan for one of the last Fridays of summer.  We’ll have patterns ready for you and will help you choose the correct size.  Teen, tween & mom friendly, too!

Friday, August 20th, 6-9pm.  $45  BYM, call for supply list.  Register early, class size is limited.

Six girls in pajamas

What a fun time we had with these six wonderful girls!  We were so   worried with a storm forecast, what would we do if the power failed?  Sew our PJ’s by candle light???

Hey, that would be fun, too!  But the storm waited til the last stitches were complete and we had six happy girls in pajamas!

The best part of the day was that Megan & I wore our pajamas to work, now where else can you do that but at Stitch Cleveland???

We had so much fun, we just might do it again in August, keep posted for details!

Private Sewing Parties 1

Do your friends sew, too? Wouldn’t you love to spend an afternoon together with lots of space to cut and sew…and have the guidance of an experienced seamster to help you along, too?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to make an Amy Butler bag, but were unsure of reading the directions?

How much fabric to get?

How to cut out the pieces?

Well, that’s exactly what a group of 12 friends did at Stitch last weekend.  They brought their machines, fabrics, patterns and supplies and had a great afternoon laughing, sewing and actually learning, too!   A Private Sewing Party just for your friends-what a great idea!!  We have the space, you have the friends, perfect!